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Internship Program Wall/British Community Trust Peru 2007/2012

If you would like to make a donatation to the internship program, please send a cheque of the desired amount to:
Wall London, Studio 1.04, 140 Wales Farm Road, London, W3 6UG.
Cheques should be made payable to
"Wall Luxury Essentials Ltd"
Wall has participated and initiated community programs designed to help local communities in Peru since our inception. We gradually became aware of problems facing children, especially girls, who had lived on the street before being placed in care homes. At 18 their time at the care home is over and often they must find their own way, without family support, in a world that does not have any of the welfare cushions we have here. In order to give some of these young people a chance we have started a program that will train them to use professional knitting machines. As most factories cannot afford to pay trainees many must work for years before they are able to learn how to fully use a knitting machine. By creating a special course that covers learning how to use all the standard machines in two years, and paying for their salary whilst learning, these girls are able to learn a skill that will give them employment for life. To ensure they have a good start we give the trainee her own industrial knitting machine at the completion of her course. This means wherever they are or however many children they have they will always have the means to make an income.

For more information please visit:

Our first intern, Nathalie, graduated from the program in 2010 and now has her own professional knitting machine. She is able to work from home to provide a regular income for herself and her family.

Two more interns, Sara and Elaine, started their training in January 2011 and both have now graduated and are able to earn a living with their new skills.

Both girls have gone from knowing nothing about knitting to being involved in all areas of making a sweater. This ranges from choosing the right yarn and knitting a style to putting it together, hiding any loose threads, and packing the finished item. “This is a very big and interesting world”, says Elaine “When one sees a sweater we never imagine everything that making it involves.”

Elaine and Sara have been training in Bianco di Mare, Wall’s knitting supplier in Lima. Since January 2011, when they started the programme, they have been following a weekly plan to teach them the art of knitting. “We’ve gone from the simple things to the more complex”, explains Sara. “The other employees have had a lot of patience with us and have taught us everything they know”.

Blanca de Romero, owner of Bianco di Mare and her team have been involved in this intense training. Mr Tesen, a senior member of staff, taught the girls how to knit on the industrial machine from the very beginning. Mr Tesen, who has been involved in this business for more than 30 years says with certainty “these two girls are now ready to produce”.

Before joining the Wall Intership Programme, Sara and Elaine were looking for opportunities either to study or work. For them, looking back of how different this year has been, they agree that this has been “an important, intense but fun year”. Elaine combined Wall’s training with computer studies in the evening. Thanks to her monthly salary she was able to pay for her own studies. “During these months, I have realized that it is possible to work and study at the same time”, she says. “I feel happy because my parents are very proud of me”.

For Sara, the possibility of learning a new skill had made her feel she is now a step ahead in her life. Since she left school, around 4 years ago, she had been working in suitcase shop, with long shifts and no financial or professional motivation. During the past 12 months, she has learnt something which she enjoys and is now considering studying clothing design. As she puts it, “something that will add value to what I have already learned”.

Blanca has felt that Sara and Elaine responded well to the work pressure of a busy factory and instantly became part of the team. “They have a good sense of responsibility”, Blanca says and offered both the opportunity to stay on after finishing their training.

Sara has accepted the offer and has already agreed with Blanca that she will have time to study, while Elaine is looking for work experience in computer programming but has offered to come and give the team a helping hand during busy periods. Elaine and Sara asked me to thank Wall for this wonderful and unique of opportunity they have had.