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The Amazon Hope is a boat which travels the Amazon river offering medical and dental services to remote communities, who would otherwise have no access to medical care. The service provides antibiotics, analgesics and anti-malarials which can make a massive difference to the health of the population.

This wonderful boat needs to keep running and has to find funds to pay for its operating theatre, drugs, medical staff and provisions. Wall is devoting its efforts to assisting this program because we believe it makes a substantial difference to the community.
Amazon Hope is run by The Vine Trust with HRH The Princess Royal as patron, so you can have confidence that this is a well run Trust with funds going to the Amazon people that need help.
We would like to ask you to support the Amazon Hope with a charitable donation. Every single pound you donate makes a difference, whether it is to buy a single pack of anti malarial tablets or pay for a cataract operation.
This is where your funds will go to this year;
  • Clinic consultations in 5 villages.
  • 15 to 20,000 filled prescriptions for pain relief.
  • a local nurse for trips on Amazon Hope.
  • regular dental care for patients.
  • fuel to cover approximately 25 clinic runs .
  • 100 opthalmic procedures.
  • a local pharmicist for trips on Amazon Hope.
  • provision of 1000 pairs of spectacles.
  • provision of dental health packs.

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